The Power of True Bankability

We are the solar business of Anitore Solar Adelaide. With our strong heritage in solar power conversion and best-in- class energy management experience, our technology is definitely powering photovoltaic systems all over the globe.

Backed by a global service network,

Bankability in the Solar Power Market

In today’s rapidly evolving solar market, sellers come and go, so customers need to seek stable partners for his or her solar installation, and in particular for the most critical equipment like the electrical conversion chain.

A reliable partner, financially and technically. A partner that’ll be around for the long term.

Anitore Solar Adelaide brings real bankability to Solar
Our industry-leading encounter and our reliable products and solutions for any solar installation:

Over 180 years of history, and 15+ years of experience in solar
Local existence in more than 100 countries
More than 160 000 employees worldwide

Anitore Solar Adelaide leverages technological experience across a broad array of markets, systems and parts to bring reliable, competitive solutions to the market, from collection boxes to MV switchgear and transformers integrated into our PV system solutions.

Anitore Solar Adelaide is also the world innovator in critical related power conversion systems such as UPS and Drives. We leverage these businesses to develop impressive and competitive solar inverters.